The best natural treats for your dog!

We produce all of our treats in-house and employ only U.S.A. sourced, human-grade food ingredients. They're benefit specific. For example, Luther's three varieties, Mind, Body and Soul are targeted to promote Vitality & Alertness, Bones & Joint Health, and Calm & Balance. Biscuits-n-Gravy contain the vitamin-packed VitaGravy in an easy-to-chew crunchy treat while FreshBites will help keep your pets' teeth clean and breath fresh. We hope you find something your dog will love, but we also have a treat for you too, it's the freedom from bacteria that passes through plastic bags you use on your morning walks. Our solution is the "No-Touch" Dispoz-A-Scoop, the best pooper scooper you'll ever buy! Our mission is health, long life and happiness between pets and people. Thank you for visiting us! Bart & Jordan Greenhut, and everyone at HealthPro