VITA-SHOT™ for Dogs Over 5 A daily, multi-vitamin with a 500mg GLUCOSAMINE BOOST in every serving! Supports overall health, mobility and joint comfort in dogs 5 and up. Can be especially beneficial for larger dogs at any age. VITA-SHOT™ is natural, free of gluten, animal products, chemicals and preservatives. Its benefits build over time. AND, since it tastes great, your dog will think it’s a treat! We produce VITA-SHOT™ in-house employing premium, “human-food” grade ingredients. It’s available only at select veterinarians, finer pet stores and here, on our website. Add to food daily!

HealthPro and VitaShot™ have a vision for local economies and independent pet stores. Would you like to learn more? Click here to visit our Facebook page and help the vision grow!

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