Dedicated to the health and well-being of companion animals

Dispoz-A-Scoop® world's best poop scoop, no-touch, no-mess, no odor. Safer than than in a bag, eliminates bacterial pass-through and the gross, disgusting aspect of dog ownership.

We invented Dispoz-A-Scoop® to provide a safe and sanitary solution to pet pollution. Keeping your hands safely, where they belong - away from the mess! 

We have yet to meet a dog-walker who enjoys sliding their hand into a plastic bag and grabbing a warm steaming pile of... a gross and hazardous mess, you get the picture. (did you know that plastic bags are porous and can allow bacterial, pass-through?) 

With Dispoz-A-Scoop®, just hold the cardboard handle, scoop, push down to seal, then throw the entire scoop away (or, simply dump it in a waste receptacle to re-use!)

Your hands have no business near your dogs business!

We use recycled cardboard, a low-carbon wire frame which self-destructs and cornstarch-based bio-bags.