About Us

Bart and Judy

“Our products are dedicated to everybody who
refuses to compromise their ideals for dollars.”
-Bart and Judy

Hi, we’re Bart and Judy Greenhut. At HealthPro® we’re committed to making the best products for your dog, in the nicest possible way!

We were founded 1985 with the invention of Dispoz-A-Scoop®, the world’s premier, civilized and safest “pooper-scooper”. Dispoz-A-Scoop® keeps hands away from the mess and eliminates the threat of “bacterial pass-through”.

We soon introduced Fresh Bites®, with dental enzymes, and Luv’A Bones®, with glucosomine and chondroitin.

Dogs love them and they do dogs good!

Our newest product line: VitaGravyFX®, Supplements deliver pharmaceutical grade vitamins and minerals to dogs by way of a delicious, natural peanut butter flavoring.

We proudly produce all of our products in our own facility in Los Angeles. This allows us to maintain a level of quality not frequently seen in the world, today.


We take pride in helping keeping dogs and cats healthier and happier and making pet ownership more enjoyable. This is a very personal family business, we love our customers and have a wonderful, core group of dedicated employees many of whom have been with us for over 15 years!

Thank you for visiting our shop.

Bart & Judy Greenhut, Los Angeles