When do you ship?

We ship Monday through Friday throughout the continental U.S.

Where can I find you in stores?

Our products are available in limited supply, primarily in stores in California.

What do you mean "Best in the world?"

Our health treats and supplements are made with the highest quality ingredients available in the world. Our vitamins and supplemental nutrition are all USP. They're all natural, AND, we never use co-packers, we produce everything in-house.

What do you mean “fresh-produced?"

We developed a proprietary method to insure that our health treats and supplements are always as fresh as the day they were produced, AND, we never warehouse our products.

Space-Age Technology!

Our proprietary technology (developed first for the U.S. space program) allows our products to retain their “fresh-produced" freshness without the use of synthesized oils or preservatives. To insure superiority they're hermetically sealed in foil pouches and oxygen barrier bags and typically shipped within 72 hours of production.