Dedicated to the health and well-being of companion animals
Hip & Joint Vita-GravyFX® for Dogs

Hip & Joint Vita-GravyFX® for Dogs

It's no secret that supplements generally don't taste very good. People tough it out because we know we're better off if we take them. Supplements are beneficial for our pets too, but if something isn't palatable, good luck getting them to eat it... 

VitaGravy was introduced in 1995 to provide supplemental vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids, using trickery. It's a healthy nutrient-rich boost concealed within a gravy sauce that will have your dog or cat begging for more!

VitaGravy is low in fat and sodium, and is 100% human-grade.

We're confident that your pet will love VitaGravy and you'll love what VitaGravy does for your pet!