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Why You Should Always Clean Up Your Yard

It’s just poop, right? Wrong. A common excuse most people use is that dog poop is a natural fertilizer. But that is not the case. Cow manure is very different from dog waste because their diets and digestive systems are very different. Dogs are carnivores and their diet is mostly protein so their waste is very high in nitrogen and phosphorus which can burn your lawn if you let it sit there.

Pick Up After your Dog

Bacteria and Disease

Dog poo has more bacteria and parasites than any other type of waste. This bacteria is harmful to both pets and humans and spreads diseases like E. Coli and salmonella. This bacteria can stay in the soil for years and if you don’t pick up after your dog immediately, you are putting yourself and your pet at risk of getting very sick.

It Won’t Wash Away

Dog waste can take as much as a year to break down naturally. Bacteria will stay in the soil for years if it is not removed. It is washed into public water systems and studies show that between 20-30% of all bacteria in urban watersheds originate with dog feces. Even 1 gram of dog poop can have over 23 million fecal bacteria which can cause waterborne disease.

Be a responsible dog owner and scoop on a daily basis with hands-free, 99% biodegradable Dispoz-A-Scoop.


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